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Zebz Tiling is proud to use adhesive, grout and waterproofing products from the multi-award winner and eco-friendly brand 'Kerakoll The Green Building Company'  


At Zebz Tiling we constantly monitor our operations to ensure our services and the products we use comply with Australian Standards in terms of safety, reliability and to ensure it will do the job intended: 

Legal, Technical and Ethical Standards

We ensure that:


  • We have the knowledge to accurately assess the needs of each project

  • We will quote appropriately and trouble shoot when necessary

  • We meet certain requirements (i.e. OH&S legislation)

  • The products and the materials we supply comply with Australian Standards

  • We Install products and use materials in accordance with Australian Standards

  • Our finished job looks good and will stand the test of time

In addition, this is Zebz Tiling responsibility to:


  • Service the customers in a responsible and ethical manner

  • Ensure all dealings with customers are fair and equitable

  • Advertise in a fair and honest way 

  • Recommend products that are suitable for the customer’s requirements

  • Respond promptly and responsibly to all customer complaints

  • Take an active interest in the industry 


Zebz Tiling Wet Tile Saw
Zebz Tiling Wet Tile Saw
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